Product Camp FAQs

Question: What is the schedule for the ProductCampNYC2012 event?

Answer: Please follow this link for the day-of-event schedule.

Question: Where can I find the list of speakers and presentations?

Answer: There is no set list of presentations in advance, except for the Keynote. Presenters should sign up to speak on this website (under the Speakers link) and provide a couple of paragraphs of information about the topic and relevance.

This should be short and sweet (more guidelines under the Speakers link), because on the Saturday of the event, your fellow participants will cast their votes for sessions and presentations they’d like to attend. The sessions with the most votes will be presented throughout the rest of the day.

This is one of the most important things that make PCAMP an “unconference”—you decide what’s most important to you, rather than a small group of industry stalwarts promoting their own agenda. We promise a diverse and exciting set of sessions!

Attendees can check under the speakers link right up to the day of the event, to see a list of the “prospective” sessions. We will be posting them as we get them, so you’ll know what great content you have in store!

Vote, then Vote with your feet

You may find that when you attend a session, it isn’t what the description said it would be—or you just don’t like the format or style of the presenter.  This is going to be rare, because our speakers committee will coach presenters and moderators on what works and doesn’t work at this event. If you don’t like what you are seeing and hearing, you can just get up and leave and go to another session!

Question: What is the deal with “unconference”?

Answer: The unconference concept is said to have started with a thing called BarCamp, which Wikipedia describes as “an international network of user-generated conferences.”  BarCamp was for developers/tech geeks. Unconferences are ”open, participatory workshop-events, whose content is provided by participants”, and are now being held on a variety of topics. 

Question: Is there food provided during the confernce?

Answer: Yes! Lunch and drinks/snacks will be provided throughout the day

Question: How can I participate?

Answer: One of the basic tenets of PCAMP is participation. That’s another one of the important things that make it an unconference.  Speaking, volunteering, asking questions, and networking are all the ways attendees can participate.  If you’d like to become more involved, contact our volunteer coordinator and you can participate on almost any level that you and the coordinate deem appropriate.

Question: Can I sponsor ProductCamp?

Answer: The unconference concept, and ProductCamp are naturally non-commercial ventures. The organizations bringing you ProductCampNYC2011 are the non-profit NYPMA and PDMA groups, and Microsoft has generously donated their amazing conference facility. All are doing this solely because they believe in ProductCamp’s value and benefits to attendees.

 Question: How much does it cost to attend ProductCampNYC 2012?

Answer: We are asking for a $20 donation to attend. This is primarily to cover the food costs!

Question: Other ProductCamps make a big deal about being “Free”. You guys are charging $20 bucks.  What’s the deal?

Answer: We want to maintain the independent nature and extremely high quality of ProductCamp here in one of the most expensive cities in America.  We decided to charge for two important reasons: 1) we believe that more attendees who sign up will actually come – we’ve had great attendance in the past, but we want more–  and 2) we will be offsetting part of the lunch and refreshment budget with this money.  We’ve polled past attendees and most agree it’s a very small price to pay for such a high quality event.