For information on the Keynote Speaker, find out more here.  For those of you interested in hosting your own session at PCamp, please read on:

Our speaker/attendees have found the experience rewarding in the past.  Speaking at PCamp gives you the opportunity to:

  • Position yourself as an opinion leader
  • Become a networking magnet during and after the conference (people come to you)
  • Try out some new material
  • Have fun sharing your hard earned knowledge with other product professionals

In the end, the actual sessions that we have at PCamp are determined by the speaker volunteers and the attendee votes, but we are hoping to have talks that focus on these industries:

  • Food/Restaurant
  • Tech/Financial
  • Entertainment/Fashion
  • Publishing/Media

Within the industries we hope for sessions covering these areas:

  • Product Management
  • Social Media
  • Innovation/Strategy
  • Organization and Process

Thank you for signing up to speak at PCamp NYC, 2012!  Please fill in the information on the Sign Up page and click on Speaker FAQs if you have any questions or want to contact us.  We look forward to seeing or meeting you on September 29th!

Best Regards,

Kevin Corrigan
Judy Iskovitz