Speaker FAQs

1) Question: How long should my talk be?

Answer: Including discussion – 45 minutes

Sample session set up

  • 2 minute personal introduction
  • 3 minute overview of session
  • 25 minutes presentation
  • 15 minutes discussion/Q & A

2) Question: How many people will be in my audience?

Answer: You won’t really know until the day of PCamp.  Participants vote on the day of the conference who will be presenting.  Last year the sessions ranged from about 10 to 50 attendees.

3) Question:  Am I guaranteed a speaking slot?

Answer: No – occasionally a speaker doesn’t get any votes (or gets very few) and they don’t get to present.

4) Question: Do you have any recommendations for me?

Answer: Based on feedback from last year, people would like MORE:

    • Practical, How to, Tactical
    • Interactive, Discussion
    • Current/Hot topics
    • Participatory and interactive sessions

5) Question:  What would people like LESS of?


    • Lecture format
    • Theory
    • Powerpoints – Feel free to use a few slides
    • Introductions/elevator speeches (especially if there are many people in the room)

6) Question: Do I need to bring a laptop?

Answer: If you want to use slides, then you may bring them on a flash drive, but you don’t need to use slides!

7) Question: What else do I need to bring?

Answer: You may want to bring handouts, and dry erase markers/erasers for the white boards (just in case)

8) Question: Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Answer: Please send email to Kevin Corrigan and Judy Iskovitz at  speakers@productcampnyc.org